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Twin Cities Urban Intelligence
Saturday, 09 April 2011


Humans rely on others.
If we are to live as we were designed we must choose how & on whom to rely. If we pretend as if we need nobody the media & the state or the anti-media & the anti-state will gladly step into the role we leave open.
The only option we have if we expect to live as free individuals is to become engaged & involved in each others lives.
We are community based beings. We must build trust by being thoughtful & looking for common-bonds. Building circles & helping each other sets us free.
We must apply ourselves to where we see purpose & work together to create solutions. If we don't, again the state will be forced to step in, force more tithing, put more people on their payroll & make our decisions for us; they will take our rights away in the name of publicly protecting us from those "others" we privately failed to reach, reform or police.
For the sake of our childre we need to head this erosion of our culture off at the pass. It won't be easy but it's time to stand up. Right now an organization considering little contributor input is sucking 1/3 off each citizens life energy supply everyday. I understand that you're tired. However there are beneficiaries petitioning & lobbying, demanding still more of your strength as we speak. I understand that much of the funding applications have positive mission goals, however we can not get so lazy that we let a giant corrupt ineficient social system gain monopoly over our humanity.
We must learn how to take our time & our lives & our devotion back by using what we have left in the most appropriate way possible.
We each need to start working to protect ourselves & our way of life & make reasonable attempts to eliminate opportunities for such destruction through preparation, self sustainability, local involvement, education & speaking out. We will need to offer what we can to those around us including help each other find what we have of value to share.
This is your grassroots ideal, it's right here. Reach out & make it a reality.


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Bob Prentice
I am only 6 hours away. We do business in the twin cities on occasion.
Monday, 13 June 2011 05:58
Matthew Scofield
Needed Memebers from the Twin Cities!
Thursday, 28 April 2011 14:42